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Loco for Croc-o!

Ahh, shoes… For better or worse, I have inherited an enormous fondness for shoes.  A dazzling pair of croc pumps leaves me positively weak in the knees.  I suppose this is the same reaction that some men have to Selma Hayek.  No offense to Ms. Hayek, but I’d rather have the shoes!  The 1950’s were rife with fun and fabulous advertisements for shoes. Let’s take a moment and look.

Swooooon!  Aren’t these terrific?

And these glorious stilettos…


One can certainly acquire vintage shoes nowadays, but I have found, unfortunately, that shoes rarely hold up as well as vintage clothing.  Also, many of the sizes are too small for today’s woman.  I, for example, wear a present-day size 8.5, a rather challenging size to find!  But hope, as is often the case, springs eternal and I continue to hunt for the perfect pair of vintage alligator pumps.


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