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Well hello again, my dears.  It’s been a while what with my trip to Spain, leaf peeping in Massachusetts and such.  But here I am, present and accounted for!  I wanted to share with you all some fun vintage beer and liquor advertisements that also show terrific fashion.  Come with me, please…

Look at this adorable playsuit perfect for fun in the sun!  I just love the flirty hem complete with white piping.  If you get chilly, just throw on your white terry cover-up.

Or how about this beer-drinking beauty, complete with mink stole?  Notice the charming addition of the pink roses to her waistline which emphasizes her slenderness.  Also the barely-off-the-shoulder cut of the dress highlights her white shoulders and décolleté.

Who would have thought that beer could be so enchanting???  Look at her wonderful wrap, complete with sequins.  Why, she looks like a snow fairy! Wouldn’t this be to die for at your next soiree?

Look at this chic fishing attire.  Notice how the smartly belted cropped jacket paired with the high-waisted pants makes a great long line all the way down to her feet.  I wish we could see her shoes – I bet they’re cute too!  I think this is the perfect casual look; smart, crisp, yet fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Until next time moi chéri!


2 responses to “Tipsy Fashionistas/

  1. Joanne Bennett ⋅

    The beer ads are hysterical!

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