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Frighteningly Fashionable]

Hello again you Mavens of Mid-Century!  Since Halloween is upon us, I thought I would dedicate this post to famously fashionable ghouls!  Even the dead (or undead) can be smashing!  Perhaps it’s not too late for a change of costume???

Let us scrutinize…

First up is the diabolically divine Vampira, 1950’s horror hostess extraordinaire.

Note the deep V of her gown and incredibly corseted waist – mercy!

Here she is again providing a snack for her paramour, Dracula. It’s just a little love-bite, really!

Vampira’s look, while overly dramatic for everyday, can certainly be toned down for day-wear.  Think brick-colored lipstick and black form-fitting sheath dress with 3/4 sleeves and you’ve got it!

Now, on to my favorite spooky siren of all time; Morticia Addams! Yes, yes, The Addams Family is a bit “late” for this blog, but I simply cannot resist.

The divine Carolyn Jones played Morticia and the role has always been hers. Although I adore Angelica Huston, she simply is not Morticia Addams, Ms. Jones is.

Isn’t she darling?

Here is a full-length shot of her famous “octopus dress.”  Notice any resemblance to Vampira’s?

I wish you all a devastatingly chic Halloween!


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