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Coat du Rhone

Hello all you mavens of mid-century! Ah, fall. Crisp leaves, harvest Holidays and cooler temperatures.  I personally adore fall and winter and, like my dear Mum, I swear I am half polar bear – no hot temperatures for me!  The cooler days and nights make us all bundle up and today I feel it is fitting to discuss vintage coats!

There are a surprising number of 1950’s silhouettes as far as coats are concerned.  Let’s have a look-see, hmm?

First up, we have the overcoat version of the New Look (narrow waist, full skirt).  The narrow waist and large lapels form a type of frame for the model’s upper body that draws the eye to her décolleté and narrow waist, which signifies youth and fecundity, as any anthropologist will tell you.


Here’s a devastatingly chic example of the same type illustrated above.  Note how the double row of buttons on both coats also help to emphasize the slim waistline in addition to the diagonal ruching that extends from the model’s waist to her hips also emphasizing the transition from her waist to rounded hips (yes, it’s that fertility thing again).  One of the best features of this look is the deep V of the collar which allows one’s suit collar to be brought up and over the coat lapels as seen below.  Gasp! And it’s leopard!


Here’s a charming example for teens.  Once again, it is similar to the adult versions, above, but a bit less sophisticated and girlish. Although we still see the nipped-in waist and full skirt, the collar is higher and more demure and the sleeves have a jaunty cuff.


Last, but certainly not least, behold the adorable capelet!  Now you can see where this fall’s cape and capelet phenomena originated. Isn’t it to die for?  Note how the larger trapeze shape of the capelet is played against the narrow skirt to make one of the cardinal rules of proportion; large on top, narrow on the bottom. Also, the fact that the capelet color matches her pencil skirt in order to make a complete look, only makes it that much better.  Fabulous!

Well that’s all for now, dears. I hope this has given you ideas on how to keep warm yet still be delightful to behold. Until next time…


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