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Plenty to be thankful for!

Hello, hello!  In this thrilling installation I wanted to have a bit of a Thanksgiving theme.  I wanted to give thanks. I began to think of what vintage items and concepts I am glad are in existence.  Well, the list was huge!  In order not to blather on and on, I had to whittle my thankful list to the most select items.  Here they are…

Coco Chanel.  Not only a graceful and extremely talented person, but one heck of a businesswoman.  Coco not only broke barriers with her “shocking” trousers and menswear-inspired looks, she helped the world redefine what chic actually was.  By borrowing from the boys yet keeping the look unabashedly feminine Coco taught us that one can be comfortable and look divine and that it is always best to simply be yourself.

Christian Dior. A visionary, a master, and someone who completely reshaped the female form (see my previous post, Adore me,  Dior me for more detail), Dior will always be an icon.  From his 1947 New Look to the hopelessly lovely suit you see below, the house of Dior survives for a very good reason.

Grace Kelly; especially Grace Kelly wearing this to-die-for frock by designer Edith Head  in Rear Window!  Grace Kelly… Where to begin?  A stunning young woman who became a beloved princess praised for her untiring charity work, her Serene Highness (her title as Princess of Monaco) was, is, and always will be a fashion icon and a woman who set the standard of blonde beauty.

Vogue Magazine.  I am a long-time subscriber to Vogue and the magazine continues to inspire with a monthly walk in fantasy fashion-land.  While many of us cannot afford couture (alas!) we still strive to be well-dressed and chic every day.  We have Vogue to thank for that.

Audrey Hepburn.  What Grace Kelly was to cool blondes, Hepburn was to gamine brunettes. Another icon of fashion, Hepburn could wow with bohemian-cool in her black ankle pants and striped shirts or as seen below in the spectacular and drool-worthy gown by Givenchy she wore in Sabrina.  Hepburn was another woman who was known for her charitable work and remained elegant and lovely till her last breath.

And last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for the photographer Horst.  If you can think of a wonderful and slightly edgy 1950’s fashion photograph, chances are Horst snapped it.  Always dramatic, Horst often featured clothing and models in tableau vivant such as Nile princesses or the amazing spider woman, below.


Well dears, that is what I am thankful for vintage fashion-wise (there is, of course, my thankfulness for my wonderful and handsome swain and my terrific family and friends too).  How about you all?  What are you thankful for?


One response to “Plenty to be thankful for!

  1. Fairlight

    You’re a proverbial onion of interests and abilities. This post is fun and beautiful! Good for you.

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