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Is it Hot in Here…?

Hello all you Divas of Design!  With the current onslaught of snow where I live (it’s coming down like gangbusters as I write!), I’ve decided to pursue the topic of “ways to keep warm.”   Let’s take a gander at winter warmers, shall we?

First and foremost, one should stay warm with style.  Take, for example this marvelous coat; it is chic get delightfully warm due to the fur lining.  If you don’t “do” fur, you can always utilize faux fur for a similar look.  Also, note the sleeves that become more narrow towards the wrist, almost like the leg O’mutton sleeves of the Victorian era, seen below.  In addition, the forgiving drape of this swing coat allows women of all shapes (even pregnant) to wear it with ease.

If you live in a slightly warmer climate and just need a lovely wrap to keep the chill off, consider this fabulous example;

Note the drop-dead elegance of the cape with matching hood and the muff!  I adore muffs and sincerely with they would come back into fashion.  The silhouette is also perfect because it strictly follows the laws of proportion; full on top, narrow on the bottom.  It this case I am referring to the wide cape over the sleek pencil skirt.

Another good way to keep warm is to warm those toes!  Make sure you always have good boots on hand for chilly, snowy days.  Here are several examples of ladies 1950’s boots and galoshes.  Note the cute heeled pair in the middle left of the image – I have always wanted a pair like this.  It’s just like the pair Marjorie Reynolds wore in Holiday Inn!

And last but not least, we can all turn up the heat by canoodling.  Nothing says “warm” like turning up the heat with your beloved!  Notice her adorable red taffeta party dress.  The full skirt is graced by the form-fitting top that once, again uses the rules of proportion but this time it’s narrow top, full bottom!  Of course, a few roses never hurt to get a girl in the mood…

Well my dears, I hope you are now inspired with ways to keep toasty warm.  Until next time…


3 responses to “Is it Hot in Here…?

  1. Joanne Bennett ⋅

    A very timely topic since it’s 20 degrees in Denver today and the forecast for tomorrow is 14 degrees….brrrr!

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