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Trees, Treats and Tulle!

Why hello all you lovers of vintage fashion!  Since Christmas is nigh I feel the need to look at some holiday imagery.  Won’t you join me?

First, of course, one needs to decorate!  Frankly the decorating and wrapping are my favorite parts!  And who wouldn’t want to decorate while wearing the adorable little red number, below?  Notice the chic fitted bodice with the divine red bow on the back drawing attention to the v-shaped back of the bodice.  This also draws attention to the nape of the neck (an erogenous zone).  Of course, what makes it even better is the overall, Romanesque look achieved by her upswept hair and GREAT sandals!  So here we have a perfect example of  taking a fairly fancy garment and making it more casual by using flat sandals, simple hair and minimal jewelry – something that can actually be seen in this month’s Vogue.

Here we have a lovely snow maiden complete with gorgeous winter-white cape.  I just love the embroidered detail on the front of the cape and around the hood, don’t you? The cape also receives a big shot of chic with the nipped waist and large  turned-back cuffs that were so in fashion in the 17th Century on both mens’ coats and ladies’ riding habits.  The look is complimented by matching winter-white leather gloves.  I am rather madly in love with this look, I must say…

Next up, we have a glamorous and oh-so-seasonal red suit! This is so delightful that I may have this sewn up as a real suit at some point.  The details are what make it so special; observe the outstanding fur collar that elegantly extends down to the hem of the jacket (closed with 2 hook-and-eye) and the jauntily cuffed ¾ length sleeves. The skirt is a pencil skirt with cute slash pockets that emphasize the hips (that fertility thing again). And that hat! A veritable Christmas forest atop your head!

How about looking divine enough to be the angel on top of the tree?  Below is a wonderful example of a magnificent pink Cecil Chapman ball gown. Swooooon! The exuberant frills of tulle further emphasize her tiny waist and makes a graceful silhouette from the shoulders all the way down to the frothy hem.

My beau may not want to hear this, but I also LOVE that tree!  I’m mad about tinsel trees anyhow and the addition of big pink roses? To. Die. For.

Well dear friends and faithful followers, it is time to sign off for now. May your days be merry and bright!


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