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A Bit of Bubbly

Hello my Design Divas!  Can you believe it? A new year is almost upon us – it went quickly didn’t it?  In honor of New Year’s Eve, I think a bit of champagne and romance is in order, don’t you?  I must admit that yours truly just adores New Year’s Eve.  I am not one to sit around and do nothing and can often be found at soirees wearing fabulous clothes (vintage, of course).  To me, it is a night of romance, renewal and mystery and I like to take full advantage of that. So, with New Year’s Eve and visions of champagne bubbles in my head, let us plan a perfectly glamorous celebration…

To begin, we need an evening dress, of course.  Perhaps Dior, like the one below?  Note the elegant draping of the floor-length overskirt that gives an almost sari-like air to the silhouette.  The gathered underskirt blends seamlessly into the over-draping as does the ruched strapless bodice.  The ankle-length skirt further adds to the elegance.


Here is another Dior gown.  I have always been in awe of this dress because to me, it incorporates  the charm of the ballet.  Can’t you just see this in the Waltz of the Flowers?  Also the beading reminds me of the effervescence of champagne bubbles – perfect for New Year’s!


Or how about the Balenciaga stunner, below?  The thing that really sets this gown apart from so many others is the pattern on the fabric.  It is almost op-art!  Balenciaga also brilliantly tones down the wildness of the pattern with the smooth satin oversized sash that cascades alluringly to the floor – a lovely marriage of texture, color and pattern.


With our dress decided, we now need the bubbles!  How can you do better than this?  The iconic Tattinger champagne?  It has been rumored for many years that the woman pictured in this advertisement is Grace Kelly, but I beg to differ, and I have evidence!

Behold the photographic evidence! Taken by Horst, the photograph (as you can see) has a woman in virtually the same pose, in the a very similar dress!  And lest you think the woman is just “some woman”  is it Lisa Fonssagrives,  the gorgeous Swedish top model that later became Mrs. Irving Penn. All this and in an amazing Rochas gown to boot!  Pay attention to the feathered bodice and how there is a row of small feathers just above the terrifically tiered mermaid hem of the dress – wonderful!


So there you have it – the dress and the bubbles.  Add dear friends and\or a certain someone and you have the perfect ingredients for a spectacular new year!  Go forth and be fabulous!


4 responses to “A Bit of Bubbly

  1. Kate

    That Balenciaga is a stunner! The dramatic sash is my favorite. Cheers to a happy, successful, stylish, and safe 2012!

  2. Positively delightful! Happy New Year, from one vintage diva to another!

  3. Thank you so much! All the best to you too!

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