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Wouldn’t It Be Gloverly?

Well hello all you Supplicants of Style!  Today I want to talk about gloves; a very important topic for the well-dressed person.  In the 1950s and early 1960s, a lady simply was not seen in public without her gloves. I adore gloves and remember playing with my mother’s when I was little.  She had some that were cotton and some that were leather and all of them were fabulous!  Many had tiny, adorable buttons on the cuff in order to make them hug the wrist properly. Divine!  Let us decipher the wonderful world of gloves…

In order to keep things simple, I have categorized  most ladies gloves into “short”, “medium” and “long.” Our first example, below, falls into my “short” category and is what I call the Standard White Glove.  This is the type of everyday non-formal glove that a well-turned-out woman would wear when out and about in public.  They end at the wrist and can have small buttons on the cuff, scalloping or embroidery to liven things up a bit.


As you see above, there are variations on the Standard White Glove such as other colors and different fabrics, but it is still the type of glove that ends at the wrist and is non-formal.  Now, please direct your attention to the two gloves that are in the bottom row and in the middle; these are in my “medium” glove classification. Medium gloves extend past the wrist and can go as far as mid-forearm.

Medium-length gloves look particularly smart with suits and dresses that have 3/4 length sleeves and cover up the sometimes awkward area of bare skin between the end of the sleeve and the wrist, as seen below.



Medium-length gloves can also exhibit a delightful slouchiness that often contrasts nicely with the clean lines of 1950s suits and adds a sense of devil-may-care  to a highly structured silhouette as seen below.


Last but not least (in length or regard!) are the “long” gloves; also known as “opera” gloves.  Long gloves are only for the most formal occasions and extend all the way up the arm past the elbow.  I’ve seen some that almost extend to the armpit!  The photograph, below, shows designer Elspeth Champcommunal and models wearing her creations.  The model on the left exemplifies the grace, elegance and beauty that is the long glove. And that dress!!!  Do not get me started!


Here is another example of the long glove (in black!) as worn by the enchanting model Dovima. Note how the predominately white sheath is further accentuated by the choice of black gloves that set off the black fabric at the top of the bodice and extend that line all the way down to her fingers.  Perfect!  White gloves  simply would not have the same dramatic effect.


So there you have it, my dears.  I hope you have enjoyed this small look into gloves.  I really must go now, I have a sudden urge to find some opera gloves…


2 responses to “Wouldn’t It Be Gloverly?

  1. Kate

    I long for the return of the glove! The short glove, in particular, is favorite of mine. That pair in the picture, left, with the darker wrist band is right up my alley. And if nobody chooses to wear gloves for fashion, we should all own at least one pair for handling the china – no fingerprints on the nice dishes!

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