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Le regard d*amour

My, my, my!  It has been a while hasn’t it darlings?  I do apologize; I have been a busy little bee.  But now I am back again just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Now I know that many like to poo-poo such holidays, but I confess that I love Valentine’s Day.  Romance, a day dedicated solely to l’amour, great dresses to wear out on the town – what’s not to love?  Let’s take a peek at some of our fabulous clothing options for this special day…

How about this darling little number for Valentine’s?  3/4 sleeves for warmth on a chilly February evening, full skirt and fitted bodice and off we go!  Of, course the look is complete with a charming strand of pearls, and chic red lips!  Oh, I do love red lipstick!

And look at this dashing suit, complete with hat – fetching, no? Note the boxy jacket over the very slim pencil skirt which gives the look visual interest and a lady-like quality.  If  it were all very tight, it would look a bit less refined.  The hat also gives the look a bit of devil-may-care attitude due to its slouchy fedora-like shape.

For all you southerners out there…how about a charming portrait hat over a lovely rose-red garden of a dress?  I see this at a Valentine’s tea with lovely little sandwiches with no crust.  The look has nothing tight about it, which is perfect for hotter climes; the skirt can billow prettily in the breeze and the light fabric will allow air to circulate if it is warm out.

Of course, for those of you who are planning an extra-big night out, how about this gorgeous frock?  Notice how the portrait collar of the dress frames her lovely white shoulders and décolleté.  The velvet fabric says “touch me” in addition to being warm (it is February, after all).  The matching velvet belt adds a bit of pizzazz as well – the dress wouldn’t be as successful without it. Complete with a sexy wrap that adds even more touchable texture to the look and the man has no chance whatsoever – he’s a goner!

Now, I know I have shown this image before, but it is so perfect for our Valentine’s Day post that I cannot resist. Behold a charming dress that is perfect for dinner and dancing.  The full skirt makes her waist look even more trim and the fitted bodice show off her shapely torso and pretty arms.  With this look, minimal jewelry is best due to the “notice me” color of the dress and its full silhouette.  Big jewelry on top of all this is irrelevant.  And, of course, one must always complete the look with roses and a handsome beau!

So there you have it.  I wish you all a delightful, decadent Valentine’s Day!


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