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Brrrr! Fur!

Hello all you Design Darlings!  Today I want to talk about something potentially controversial (gasp!).  Fur.  Not new fur, however, vintage fur. Fur that is around 60 or so years old.  While yours truly is no fan of killing adorable little animals, I must confess that I find vintage fur delectable.  I also own a few (very few) vintage fur pieces as well.  Whether you agree or disagree with buying vintage fur, you have to admit that the fashion spreads that contain outfits with fur accessories are mind-bogglingly chic.  Let’s investigate…

Now, isn’t this outfit terrific?  An absolutely charming early spring suit with a fur to keep off the chill.  Is the fur necessary to complete the outfit? Technically, no, but it adds extra polish and luxury to the look.  In addition, the suit itself is impeccably cut to make the most of one’s figure with the nipped-in waist and absolutely perfect skirt length that emphasizes the models’ shapely legs.  Accessorize with a hat with a matching robin’s egg blue ribbon, gloves and chic gold bangles and you’re set!  This, my dears, is not a working girl.  This is a lady who lunches.

Here is another luxurious daywear look, complete with fur.  Once again the fox stole ups the glamour quotient exponentially.  If it were not in the mix, the look would be smart, but not sumptuous. This charming dress is a precursor of the coatdress (notice the coat-like buttons all down the front and the smart little collar).  With a small check pattern, the dress is the perfect fall look that once again exhibits the full skirt-nipped waist that was so very popular in the 1950’s.  And what a nipped waist it is!  Heavens!

Now, try to breathe… The look is “ultra,” but the fur is (cringe) chinchilla.  I know, I know.  Chinchillas are adorable and resemble nothing so much a Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. At least minks are bad-tempered.  Once again, however, you have to admit that this look is jaw-dropping.  The gorgeous woman complete with up-swept hair that shows off her neck, fabulous diamond earrings and ruby lips are the height of taste.  Add a wonderful evening gown and the look is rarefied and elegant.  From a color perspective, note how the photographer kept all of the tones in the shoot along the same lines, silver, putty, beige and light brown, with just her lips adding a pop of color – brilliant!

Here is another wonderful… cloak?  Stole?  Shrug?  I am not exactly sure what to call this amazing mink.  Note how the pattern has been brilliantly cut to form a type-of web over the back of the wearer with all of the lines converging between the shoulder blades.   Truly a masterpiece of design.

I adore this photograph for its interesting composition and drama – of course the fluffy decadence of the fox furs lend themselves to the overall spectacle.  When you wear these, you definitely arrive.  I especially appreciate the both dramatic and playful black-and-white coat at the bottom of the photograph.  The deep black contrasted by the white-as-snow fur make a compelling statement by dividing the person wearing it in half, hinting at a good-girl, bad-girl aspect.  Also the colors bring to mind the harlequins of the Comédie-Italienne and their naughty ways.  Truly a way to “make a statement without saying a word!”

Well, dears, that concludes this week’s installment.  I hope you enjoyed it even though it was a difficult topic.  I would love to know your thoughts on vintage fur; A fun fashion statement or a heinous practice?


2 responses to “Brrrr! Fur!

  1. Kate

    Picture #3? Elegance! I admit, I love a vintage fur. You’re right, it adds that sumptuous touch to an outfit that might otherwise be average.

  2. Trish

    Thanks Kate! It’s just a divine look and photograph, isn’t it?!

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