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Spring Fling!

Hello all you Vintage Vixens!  Since spring has sprung, so to speak, I would like to explore the delightful 1950s fashions for the season. After all, with the advent of warmer weather, we’ll need something to wear, won’t we?

First up is this delightful look complete with hat and gloves.  Note the chic and unusual notched collar that adds interest to a rather simple sleeveless black dress. The addition of pearlized round earrings that echo the round dot design on her collar pulls the look together wonderfully.   Add an adorable picture hat and you’re ready to go!

April showers apparently bring more than just flowers.  They bring sweet spring dots as well!  The blue dress on the left has an charming square collar and black bows that complement the black belt worn at the waist. The red dress on the right has a bit more of an edge due to the slightly naughty teardrop cutout on the bodice.  Notice how the same teardrop is echoed at the waist by slender ribbon design elements and how the same ribbon is used as a tie at the collar.  Also observe the matching gloves and umbrellas – delightful.

Here is another wonderful look; sort-of 1950s meets Great Gatsby.  While the hat is very 1950s, its overall shape is evocative of a 1920s cloche and the pleated skirt is reminiscent of something Daisy Buchanan herself might wear.  In addition, the polka dot scarf worn at the waist adds a splash of color to the all-white ensemble and imparts a bit of nautical flair as well.

Here is another fresh look for spring; a day dress in a muted blue and green plaid.  This look is especially fun because it takes an easygoing checked plaid (think picnic blanket or Italian restaurant tablecloth) and playfully turns it on its head by elevating it to sophisticated day-wear in silk, no less.  A slender straw-colored belt and woven sun hat set off the blue and green colors nicely by adding warmth.  And lest you still not understand that this is elevated plaid; take a look as the jewelry!  No hoe-down here!

And now the best, in my opinion, for last!  Isn’t this just the most divine day dress EVER?  The designer was definitely playing with Greek themes by making a columnar silhouette that also invokes the ancient Greek chiton.  The line is quite severe until the addition of filmy and feminine chiffon scarves to the neckline and waist.  Observe how the scarf at the waist trails in the front and the one around the neckline trails down the back so that whenever the woman who wears it moves, she will have airy fabric flowing around her like a cloud.  Truly a brilliant design!

Well dears, that is all I have for you today.  Do come back…


6 responses to “Spring Fling!

  1. Rachel

    Absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I love the 50s and 60s fashion/beauty styles.

  2. These women have such an elegant simplicity that seems unattainable now. Look at any “best dressed list” movie maven today, and you’ll see contrived a little-too-perfectly quaffed ladies; in the 1950s, a simple silhouette and red lipstick equaled elegant beauty.

    No, I wouldn’t want a return to the women’s oppression of the 1950s, but that was the last decade where women looked like ladies.

    • I completely agree, Amanda! That is why I have started my own fashion label, Repro-Retro to help fill the void in elegant 1950s era clothing. Stay tuned for updates and the launch of my sales website coming soon!

  3. Joanne Bennett ⋅

    Love the scarf belt! I’ll have to try that some time 🙂

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