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Glorious Glamour!

Why hello, all you Vintage Vixens!  I admit to being naughty and not  having posted in ages, but the time has simply flown!  Shall I tell you why? Well…  Remember a while back when I posted “A Glimmer of Glamour” in which I discussed my nascent business, Repro-Retro?  Darlings, it is now reality!  I am currently debuting and selling my 1950’s inspired fashions at the Denver Art Museum shop during the run of the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition there!  Isn’t that thrilling?  In addition, I will soon launch my website so that everyone can access my gorgeous dresses!  How did all this begin, you ask?  Well, let me tell you…

The idea for Repro-Retro all began with losing out on a fabulous vintage 1950’s cocktail dress.  It was a dream of a dress and it slipped through my fingers because I didn’t join the “just listed” buying frenzy fast enough. Soon after, I purchased a vintage cocktail dress from a different seller only to find out that they had measured the dress incorrectly and I was stuck with a lovely dress that didn’t fit.  In my continuous search, I also kept seeing phrases like “moth holes”, “iron sheen” and “taffeta ripped” in descriptions of beautiful vintage garments.

Frustrated with these scenarios, I asked myself, “what if I recreated authentic vintage styles from brand-new fabrics in sizes that are made for today’s women?”  And that is how Repro-Retro was born. In fact, my first dress, the “Lana” is inspired by that vintage cocktail dress I missed out on.

As you all know,  I love vintage clothing, especially cocktail and formal wear, and have researched and collected it for over 25 years. What’s more, virtually every cocktail dress I own is vintage!   As you may also know, I am a museum-employed Art Historian and Fashion Historian.  I lecture regularly on historic and traditional clothing and research historic designs, fabrics and silhouettes.  With this in mind, every piece of limited edition clothing Repro-Retro produces seeks to be as accurate as possible within the time frame of the1950’s to early 1960’s. Think of it as finally getting your hands on the fabulous vintage cocktail dress that you wish your mother had passed on to you!

I truly believe that the styles and overall look of vintage portray a timeless elegance perfect for the women of today and it gives me great pleasure to share these glamorous designs with you!  I do hope you all will visit my website and enjoy!  I will keep you updated on developments.  Also, feel free to follow my business on Facebook at:

See you all soon – I promise to stay in touch, my dears…


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  1. Are you making your creations available to the public on a website?

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